Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos Awareness Course (Category A)

Only £25 per person + VAT

About Asbestos Awareness Training

This UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) recognised course provides delegates with an in-depth understanding of the hazards and risks posed by asbestos and materials containing asbestos. It provides guides on how to avoid exposure and outlines how to identify those materials that may contain asbestos and where they might be found.

Please note that this is an awareness course only and does not train delegates to work with any forms of asbestos. It informs the delegate how to reduce the associated risks from asbestos in order to work more safely on site.

Who should take this course?

Under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, if you are working in an environment where you are likely to disturb asbestos materials then you must be aware of, and fully-trained in, the dangers and correct safety practices. Put simply, it’s the law..

Examples of those affected are listed below. There will be other occupations where asbestos may be disturbed in addition to those listed.:

 General maintenance workers

Facilities managers and staff





Painters and decorators 


Construction workers


Shop fitters

Gas fitters

Heating and ventilation engineers

Demolition workers

Telecommunication engineers

Fire/burglar alarm installers

Computer and data installers


Building surveyors

What the UKATA Asbestos Awareness Course Covers

  • The properties of asbestos and how to recognise it.
  • The effects asbestos exposure can have on health. This includes the increased risk of developing lung cancer for workers who smoke.
  • The types, uses and likely occurrence of asbestos and asbestos materials in buildings.
  • How to avoid the risk of exposure to asbestos by following the control measures that are in place to manage this.
  • The general procedures that you must follow to deal with an emergency. For example, in response to an uncontrolled release of asbestos dust into the workplace.

The course is recognised by the UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) and meets the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR). 

Length of UKATA Asbestos Awareness Course

The course takes approximately 4 hours to complete

Assessment for UKATA Asbestos Awareness Course

After completing the course you will be invited to take the course assessment. This is made up of 20 multiple choice questions and will test the knowledge you have gained from your training. The pass mark for the assessment is 98% and you can take it as many times as you need to with no extra charge.

Certification for UKATA Asbestos Awareness Course 

Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a unique referenced UKATA certificate valid for 1 year.