Building people For Success In Life

Over the past 5 years, The Aven Training Partnership has grown to a leading training provider due to its emphasis in providing only the highest quality standards. We are approved and accredited by a range of legislative bodies to ensure your organisation remains compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

Develop Skills Through Education

At Aven Training, we assess trade, supervisory and managerial qualifications within the Construction Industry. Our assessors are highly qualified in their particular fields and our aim is to achieve your qualification in a timely manner and at a cost which is highly competitive.

Learning today For a Better Tomorrow

Our primary concern with all our training courses is to share our knowledge and expertise and encourage others to improve productivity.  We aim to be both effective and efficient in developing people’s practical skills and knowledge

Because you need The Best Advice

Our primary aim is to help build people, who are the greatest asset of any organisation. We also aim to increase business profitability and mitigate risk through investment in training of managers, employees, and private individuals. We believe our in-depth expertise and industry knowledge generate confidence which produces a winning formula of productivity and efficiency.